• Foreo luna sensitive and normal skin - pink

    Foreo luna sensitive and normal skin - pink

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    Just 2 minutes’ using your LUNA™ morning and night leaves the skin looking naturally beautiful with a healthy-looking glow, while lessening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Simply apply your cleanser, wet the LUNA™ and turn it on. After cleansing your face, apply the reverse surface to wrinkle-prone areas in lower-frequency Anti-Aging Mode. In just 3 days, you’ll feel the confidence that comes from having naturally beautiful, youthful-looking skin.



    T-Sonic™ Technology

    Up to 8,000 pulsations per minute are channeled through soft silicone touch-points to gently remove dead skin cells, as well as unclog pores of 99.5% of dirt and oil, and 98.5% of makeup residue.


    Extra-Gentle Silicone

    The smooth and soft silicone brush is nonabrasive enough for daily use. It is also nonporous to resist bacteria buildup, making it up to 35x more hygienic than standard sonic-cleansing brushes.


    Anti-Aging Mode

    Lower-frequency pulsations are directed through concentric silicone waves onto wrinkle-prone areas to smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


    A Smarter Investment

    The LUNA™ is fully waterproof, lasts up to 450 uses per full charge and requires no replacement brushes.

    Cleaning Brush Surface

    Anti-Aging Surface


    3 Button Interface

    Waterproof Charging Port


    The Secret’s in the
    T-Sonic™ Pulsations

    The LUNA™ takes a revolutionary approach to skincare with the combination of T-Sonic™ (transdermal sonic) pulsations with silicone touch-points. Applied across the dermal surface, these T-Sonic™ pulsations help to instantly refresh the look and feel of the skin, while the nonabrasive, rounded silicone touch-points glide across the face for ultra-gentle cleansing that feel so good, it’s like getting a daily facial in the comfort of home.




    Remove all makeup and apply your regular cleansing product.


    Cleanse each area of the face for 15 seconds each (the device’s pulsations will pause every 15 seconds).


    Rinse face at the end of the 1-minute cleansing routine.


    Apply the anti-aging surface to wrinkle-prone areas for 12 seconds each (the device’s pulsations will pause every 12 seconds).



    Each LUNA™ package contains a:

    • LUNA™
    • Charger (Set to shipping address)
    • Travel Pouch
    • Detailed Instruction Manual
  • PMD Personal Microderm Pro

    PMD Personal Microderm Pro

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    The Personal Microderm Pro is a revolutionary at-home skincare tool that provides the same brilliant results as professional, in-office microdermabrasion treatments. By combining the power of exfoliation with a unique vacuum suction, the Personal Microderm works to remove the dead, dull skin cell barrier, increase blood flow, and stimulate the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin.


    The Power of Exfoliation

    Patented Spinning Disc Technology

    The Personal Microderm Pro uses an exclusive patented spinning disc with aluminum oxide crystals to exfoliate away the dead, dull cells on the surface of the skin. This patented spinning disc effortlessly performs the exfoliation without any manual scrubbing. By removing this dead skin cell barrier, new cell growth is stimulated and renewed, revealing soft, brilliant and rejuvenated skin. Use the Personal Microderm Pro weekly to regenerate and renew the skin, training it to become more youthful, vibrant and revitalized.

    The Strength of Suction

    The Personal Microderm Pro contains a perfectly calibrated vacuum suction, and this unique technology pulls the blood flow to the surface of the skin for increased blood flow and circulation. This suction triggers the body’s essential healing process, which builds collagen and elastin and leaves the skin firm and radiant.

    Many products contain the name “microdermabrasion”, and yet they often lack the vital suction component that creates true microderm. Suction is the power behind microdermabrasion, and the benefits of a calibrated vacuum suction go far beyond simply removing dead, dull skin cells during the exfoliation process.

    Full Range of Discs

    The PMD Personal Microderm Pro includes the complete range of exfoliating discs, including the red collection. These red discs are ideal for coarse or thick skin, and they are particularly effective for smoothing rough or calloused areas. With the Personal Microderm Pro, customize the treatments, control the results, and achieve fresh, radiant skin.


    Smooth-Glide Caps

    The PMD Personal Microderm Pro also features smooth-glide caps for increased sensitivity and easy treatment strokes. When the smooth-glide caps move across the skin, they provide added comfort, ease and effectiveness.


  • Pollogen


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    The innovative Stop Anti aging skin care treatment products with the self use Tripollar technology.

    TOP Facial Skin Renewal Device is Painless, Effective and Easy to Use:

    Stop-Age long lasting antiaging systems and anti aging skin care products

    • Non-invasive, relaxing treatment
    • Creates a noticeable clinical effect from the very first treatment
    • Significantly reduces wrinkles and fine lines
    • Improves skin texture
    • Long lasting anti-ageing results


    STOP Non Invasive Anti-aging Treatment Results:

    • Very satisfied with immediate treatment results - 95% Agree
    • Very satisfied with long term treatment results - 91% Agree
    • Noticed skin lifting effect – 86.4% Agree
    • Noticed skin texture improvement – 77.3% Agree
    • Noticed improved skin smoothness, reduction in wrinkles and fine lines – 63.64% Agree
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  • ReFa CARAT PEC-L1706

    ReFa CARAT PEC-L1706

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    • ReFa CARAT PEC-L1706
    • Country of origin: Japan
    • Condition: Brand New
    • Text Language: The manual is written in Japanese.
    • Product Size About (width × depth × height): 92mm × 149mm × 61mm
    • Weight About: 190g
    • Accessories: pouch, manual, cloth
    • Material: Platinum Court, ABS, acrylic silicon rubber, stainless steel, nylon, aluminum
    • For: Men and women aged 12 years or more
    • Can be used on: The face, shoulders, Jaw line, Face, Underarm, Waist, Inner thigh, Neck, Chest
    • Features: Diamond cutting surface rollers. Designed for delicate skin design, multi-angle to ensure that the roller glides the area with the skin, the effect is more ideal. The difference between the current bearing. Handle feel comfortable, easy to take hold. Gently force can quickly scroll through massage. In a short time you can experience the beauty beauty massage face-lift experience.
    • Functional effects: mainly face-lift massage skin sculpting, promote facial blood circulation and metabolism, thereby delaying and improving the skin caused due to age relaxation, wrinkles, pigmentation, eye bags and multiple jaw and other natural aging phenomenon.
    • Two main effects:
    • Micro-current
    • Human skin itself with a weak current, this is the handle has a solar panel that can absorb solar energy to generate "micro-current" through "micro-current" energy supplement skin, enhance elasticity, firmness and Tiras.
    • Platinum plating -In addition to skin care functions, platinum coating with heat acid resistance, so even sensitive muscle is also very safe
    • 360-degree multi-angle 3D design Nierou.
    • Strong design team to reproduce body massage kneading action beautician. This design can effectively operate in various parts of the body to lose weight (as shown), while the gold-plated coating and micro-current skin care, wrinkle effect, the operation can use the wheel to the corresponding parts of the operation, such as the forehead, decrees grain and so on. When using REFA massage, fleshy be caught up, especially the feelings of the thigh will be more obvious.
    • Dual drainage V-rollers
    • Sufficient to ensure that the contact area with the skin, to reduce the load of the developing roller special shape. Surface inlaid diamonds, look beautiful, functional use.
    • Curved handle
    • Adjusting the curvature of the handle forms a larger contact angle with the skin, and produces a sense of close fit to mention
    • Used to make micro-current more effectively energized "electrically conductive nanoparticles", and improve lubrication of the wheel "high performance rolling material", an exclusive development of bearings.
    • Waterproof - You can use it in the bathtub.

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